Chapter Challenge

The Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!

Get involved!  GBTA is challenging its 40 Chapters to engage their elected officials!

  • 30% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected officials through the Legislative Action Center
  • Invite an elected official to speak at a chapter meeting or host an GBTA Government relations focused meeting
  • Chapter sends a letter to their Representative or Senator endorsing an GBTA endorsed bill or vote
  • Request a meeting with an elected official in your state
  • Chapter appoints a liaison to the NBTA Govt. Relations Dept.
  • Raise $1,000 in PAC contributions regardless of Chapter size, must have 30% of members contribute
Chapter’s who meet each task will be recognized as Chapter Challenge Partners (Challenge runs Convention to Convention)

WBTA is proud to be one of only 4 chapters in the US that has successfully completed the CHAPTER CHALLENGE every year!  Let's keep the streak alive!