The Wisconsin Business Travel Association cordially invites you to join a growing number of progressive business travel professionals, and their firms, in a unified endeavor to promote greater legislative awareness, comprehensive educational programs and a broad spectrum of other activities designed to make an impact on the ever-changing corporate travel industry.

Membership is open to all individuals who are engaged in travel, transportation, lodging and associated professions.  Please fill out our on-line application.  

There are Community Memberships and All Access Memberships. Please check out our All Access Page to learn more about the benefits of All Access. Community Memberships are classified as follows:
Direct Members who, by virtue of their employment, are actively engaged in the procurement of business travel. Direct members are business travel executives from either the government or corporate sectors, directly responsible for managing or procuring travel related services for their firms. Direct members shall have all voting rights and may hold elective office within the Association.

Allied Members represent corporations supplying travel related services such as airlines, limousine or car rental companies, bus or rail companies, hotels or motels, Travel Management Companies, tour companies servicing business travelers, travel related media companies, travel related credit/charge card companies and travel related automation companies. Allied members shall have all voting rights unless otherwise specified herein, and may hold elective office within the Association.  WBTA considers Allied memberships to be “owned” by the company with which the Allied member represents – therefore, membership does not follow the member should they change firms. The firm, however, may name a replacement.

Honorary Members * are recognized by the Board of Directors as having rendered distinguished service to the industry or association but are no longer in the travel industry. Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of the Association with the exception of voting rights and holding an elective office.  There shall be no assessment of annual dues and such member shall remain on the mailing list and roster designated as "Honorary Member”. Meeting dues are the responsibility of the Honorary member.

Press Members 
are engaged in the monitoring and reporting of events in the travel industry. 

Academic Members are those who educate others or are being educated in the travel industry.

Annual Membership Dues and Prepaid Meetings
(Incl. Dues, Education Day, Silent Auction & 3 Chapter Meetings - a $600 value)
$505.00           Direct Members
$505.00           Allied Members

Annual Membership - Dues Only
$175.00           Direct Members
$175.00           Allied Member

Individual Meeting Fees - Non Prepaid Direct or Allied Members
$165.00           Education Day
$65.00             Silent Auction
$65.00             Chapter Meeting

Individual Meeting Fees - Guest/Nonmember
$185.00           Education Day
$65.00             Silent Auction
$90.00             Chapter Meeting

Community Membership