Chapter Challenge

The Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!

Get involved!  GBTA is challenging its 40 Chapters to engage their elected officials!

  • 30% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected officials through the Legislative Action Center

  • Invite an elected official to speak at a chapter meeting or host an GBTA Government relations focused meeting

  • Chapter sends a letter to their Representative or Senator endorsing an GBTA endorsed bill or vote

  • Request a meeting with an elected official in your state

  • Chapter appoints a liaison to the NBTA Govt. Relations Dept.

  • Raise $1,000 in PAC contributions regardless of Chapter size, must have 30% of members contribute

Chapter’s who meet each task will be recognized as Chapter Challenge Partners (Challenge runs Convention to Convention)

GBTA-WI is proud to be one of only 4 chapters in the US that has successfully completed the CHAPTER CHALLENGE every year!  Let's keep the streak alive! 

Congratulations GBTA Wisconsin Chapter On Achieving the 2017 GBTA Chapter Challenge!

Congratulations to everyone at GBTA Wisconsin Chapter on successfully completing the GBTA Chapter Challenge! As one of the benefits of the accomplisments, five GBTA-WI attendees at the 2017 GBTA Convention in Boston got to take a picture with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps.  

Pictured are President Robert Zimmerman, Scholarship & Election Chairperson Liz Dressel, Public Relations Chairperson Dulce Ruiz-Moreno, Direct Director Amy Sipsma and VP of Membership Jennifer Terpstra.  Congratulations GBTA WI.