Education is at the very foundation of the WBTA.  The association was founded on the principles of furthering the professional development and careers of those individuals who work within the business travel industry.  Each of our general meetings is designed to provide current, leading edge education to enrich our members and guests.  We also strive to create an environment where networking and the sharing of ideas is comfortable for everyone.

Education Programs through GBTA

As an affiliate of the Global Business Travel Association, WBTA supports and recognizes the professional education programs GBTA offers. 

With innovative, industry-leading education programs, GBTA equips business travel professionals with the know-how they need to anticipate daily challenges and to navigate successfully through a constantly changing environment.  Programs and subject matter for GBTA's wide array of education forums and seminars are carefully selected to match the needs of business travel professionals. 

Whether you have one hour to attend a web seminar or can commit to obtaining the CCTE certification, GBTA has an education program for you. GBTA can provide the tools you need to advance your career and become a more valuable and better informed business travel management professional.

GBTA’s Fundamentals of Sports Travel Management

GBTA’s Fundamentals of Sports Travel Management course is GBTA’s newest professional development certificate program.  Sports travel is a distinctive segment of travel management that represents a significant economic impact to the hospitality industry.  This online, self-paced course is designed to identify and address the unique components of a managed sports travel program at the professional, collegiate and youth sports levels. Participants will learn general sports and travel industry principles, then explore the intersection of these industries and the distinct competencies and skill sets needed to establish or enhance a sports travel management program.  Upon successful completion of the course and final exam, participants earn the designation of Sports Travel Professional (STP) demonstrating mastery of the essential concepts of sports travel management. Read more >>  

CTE / Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Business Travel Management  is GBTA’s starter course focusing on the basics of business travel management.  This two-day workshop is designed as a guide to the primary components of managed travel.  The Fundamentals course teaches participants to maximize cost containment, improve efficiency and create a managed travel culture in a company. Attendees who successfully complete the Fundamentals of Business Travel Management course are eligible to earn the Corporate Travel Expert ®(CTE) Designation. Read more about CTE / Fundamentals >>

CCTE Certification 

The CCTE program is designed for business travel management professionals who want to enhance their knowledge, skills and productivity. The CCTE program adds to the individual's expertise in developing and managing corporate travel programs. Attendees must complete 2 Core Week programs and 5 one-day electives in order to achieve CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executive) certification.  Read more about CCTE certification >>

CGTE Certification

The Certified Government Travel Executive (CGTE) program, offered by GBTA's Government Travel Group, is designed for the government travel professional looking to upgrade their career. It is aimed at helping government travel professionals meet the demands that come with developing and managing a multi-faceted travel program.  Attendees are tested on a wide range of topics that take their experiences thus far and expand on them.  The knowledge and skill sets gained from completing the CGTE program will help to increase overall productivity and help build a strong, successful government travel manager. Read more about CGTE >>

GLP Program and Designation

The Global Leadership Professional (GLP) program is a master's level executive education program developed by the GBTA Foundation in conjunction with The Wharton School. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to address both the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in today's environment. Participants in the program also have the opportunity to further their experience in the program by earning the Global Leadership Professional (GLP) designation.  Read more about the GLP Program and Designation >>

Strategic Meetings Management Certification (SMMC)

In 2001, GBTA pioneered the theory and practice of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) in direct response to member demand. SMM has ended up taking its place as one of the most important frontiers in the travel and meetings management industries and has earned a place in virtually all of the top educational conferences and conventions.

The SMMC will be the only industry certificate focused on the theory and practice of Strategic Meetings Management. In July 2008, GBTA convened a group of industry leaders representing different disciplines to form the SMMC Task Force. Working with an instructional designer at the University level, the Task Force has developed the full SMMC curriculum.

The SMMC program will be launched in Fall 2009. The program will consist of 2 Core Weeks and elective classes. The SMMC will:

  • Drive further development of accepted best practices
  • Lead to creative new “next-practices” thinking
  • Create a designation to indicate that graduates are leaders in SMM, prepared to deliver value to their companies, customers, and supply chain partners.
    Read more about SMMC >>

Web-Based Learning (GBTA Webinars) 

GBTA Webinars are web-based distance learning and educational programs that allow GBTA Members and Chapter Members to participate in live interactive forums on business travel industry issues and simultaneously view presentations. Sessions are conducted periodically throughout the year. Read more about Web-Based Learning >>

GBTA Convention Education  

GBTA conducts numerous educational sessions during the annual GBTA Convention. Read more about Convention Education Sessions >> 

For a complete listing of all scheduled educational events, please view the GBTA Calendar.

For more information about GBTA’s educational offerings, contact [email protected] or call 703-684-0836.